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Getting to know me and why I am doing what I am doing.

Jeff Boudreau

A little about me and why I started Vapor Amour. My name is Martine and I am the face behind Vapor Amour, I am a vaping consulting shop that sells starter kits and ejuice for people who want to vape and possibly quit smoking. Before you stop reading please listen to why I started this shop and my goal with this business. I lost 2 of the most closest male role models in my life my godfather and my uncle. My godfather died of throat cancer and my uncle of lung cancer, I now have a third uncle battling lung cancer, all 3 were heavy smokers. I also smoked for many years and when I lost my godfather I tried different methods to quit, nothing worked until a friend told me to try vaping as it helped her quit. I can happily say I have not had a smoke since August and I feel fantastic, healthier and smell dang good :). I found vape shops pretty intimidating and scarey to tell you the truth, lots of people turn their nose to it and some perceive it to be a bad scene etc. So I decided I wanted to change that and open my own for the 40 year old mom who want to quit but to scared to go into a shop or the business man who wants to quit but doesn't want to be seen going into a vape shop incase he is misunderstood. It happens, its reality now a days people judge. So I took a new approach a consulting one on one, private sessions at your convenience either in person for locals at their desired location or through email and phone calls. No worries on not knowing what to say or what to get as I will go through it step by step with you and make you comfortable with your choice. We all know someone who smokes and if we can help them quit then wouldn't that be great? Give me a chance and let people know about me. I can help and with every single person I can help it's a smile up to heaven for my godfather and uncle who couldn't quit. I can be contacted here, Facebook, Instagram or twitter at @vaporAmour or email at
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